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The burner on an - needs to be tuned up and adjusted annually to keep it from using too much and to keep the combustion chamber and heat exchanger from sooting Any amount of soot will cause the not to operate at peak efficiency

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Kerosene (BS2869 Class C2) Commonly referred to as Burning Oil 28 Second Oil or C2 Kero Kerosene is a flammable liquid fuel used in most Domestic and Commercial boilers Kerosene is the first choice of fuel to be use in oil fired boilers as it has a and can be stored safely in a well maintained suitable storage tank

What is the difference between kerosene gas oil and

Kerosene is a low-sulphur and clean burning oil which is used in the majority of modern oil-fired boiler units in the UK and Ireland It is also used to fuel (and similiar models) It is also known as paraffin Interestingly kerosene is the fuel used to power jet aeroplanes too!

Can You Use Kerosene Instead of Heating Oil?

· After you purchase your kerosene bring it home and transfer it to your oil tank The best method for your home this way is to turn the furnace off before you add the fuel Once the kerosene is in the tank let it sit for about 10 minutes before restarting the boiler

Can I Use Kerosene in an Oil Boiler Instead of Heating Oil

· is #1 distilate #1 diesel ("winter" diesel) has lower BTU's and less lubricity than #2 will not harm your furnace and will burn just fine but what you should be using is is Heating oil and has more BTU's (and usually less cost) than Top

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