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An anti-corrosive for boilers which comprises diethanolamine can additionally contain a deoxidizer such as hydrazine 1-aminopyrrolidine NN-diethylhydroxylamine ascorbic acid and a salt thereof and another anti-corrosive comprising a neutralizing amine and can be added to mainly boiler water having a superheater and a steam turbine

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· compounds can enter the steam cycle from a number of sources including water treatment chemicals or as part of a manufacturing process Regardless of the source of

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BWT-1000 Steam Boiler Treatment Glengarry BWT-1000 Steam Boiler Treatment is a comprehensive treatment designed and balanced for controlling scale deposition and pitting corrosion in steam boilers The product is an alkaline blend of phosphate and for scale and sludge control sulphites for oxygen pitting control and caustic for alkalinity control

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Most internal deposits can be removed with mineral acid acid or chelant The most widely used solvent is a 5% hydrochloric acid solution with inhibitor and complexors Phosphoric sulfuric and sulfamic acids are also used in boilers that operate at less than 2000 psig

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The materials used for conditioning sludge include various organic materials of the or classes It is important that these organics are selected and processed so that they are both effective and stand stable at the boiler operating pressure Certain synthetic organic materials are used as anti-foam agents

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