Karavan Truma Boiler Lpg

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Truma Combi eco Propane LPG Furnace Water Heaters

The Combi is a combination furnace and water It is an ultra quiet ultra efficient powered unit It is simple to install and very simple to operate Combi has been available in Europe for well over a decade and they are finally available here for you to install in your motorhome camper van or trailer!

Truma Combi 6E Electric LPG Gas Water Boiler & Space Heater

With the ability to operate on either on gas or 230V electric mains voltage the Combi 6E provides a heated or motorhome alongside hot water whether on a camping site or out in the wilderness You can also use both 230V electric and gas together for faster heating times Combi 6E

Finding the right Truma gas regulator

Using the in the cylinder for cooking and cooling requires a gas pressure regulator This reduces the cylinder pressure from maximum 16 bar to 30 mbar the working pressure of the gas-operated appliances in your caravan has several gas pressure regulators to choose from depending on whether you plan to use your

Truma appliances for caravan gas systems

gas pressure regulators: safely also while youre driving To ensure maximum safety all gas pressure regulators have an integrated crash sensor The European Appliance Directive specifies that a safety shut-off device such as this must be installed to run the gas system while the vehicle is in motion

Truma Combi Boiler Fault Codes - Caravan Motorhome

button The reset button will have a small LED light next to it flashing red Press and hold the reset button for approx 5 seconds the red light should now turn yellow Release the reset button

Truma Combi 2E Caravan Motorhome Water Boiler Space

Combi 2E water and Air Space for your Caravan Campervan or Motorhome The Combi 2E water and air space from is an ideal entry-level choice for both water and living spaces in your motorhome campervan or caravan Small and lightweight Despite containing both gas and electric elements and an integrated 10 litre stainless steel hot water tank

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