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The burner used on the range is manufactured in the same plant as the itself KD Navien This is a unique downward firing burner with one simple adjustment for test and commissioning the air damper This downward firing burner is used all over the world through KD Navien products and it is highly efficient as well as dependable as part of a long-life oil boiler

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boilers offer more than just comfort reliability Low operating cost and ease of installation make our boilers well-suited for both new construction and renovation Rugged industrial design steel fin tube heat exchanger built to ASME standards

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For homeowners the premise of the stainless steel heat exchanger brings comfort not just in performance but in longevity also A boiler that is built to last is an important appliance to Irish homeowners With longevity in mind are

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2007 KD Navien acquired the European quality certification CE Mark for condensing They patented and introduced the use of stainless steel heat exchangers for the first time in the world Achieved the worlds highest heat efficiency of 988% on their range allowing KD Navien to be a change leader for standards

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Saturn Heating Systems have been making a real difference with heating professionals since 1978 Saturn is committed to providing high efficiency high quality products and services to our customers throughout Ireland and Nothern Ireland With

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Kerr Oil-Fired Steel Boilers Deciding on an EFFICIENT heating system has never been more important Kerr Energy Systems can help minimize the energy use cut greenhouse gas emissions and save money at home Small in size big in performance the Kerr Comet and Kerr are ideal for either new home construction heating system upgrades electric conversion or in-floor heating

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