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· (minimum) ; 1: 26kW: Viessmann Vitodens 050-W 29kW: Get

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According to Alliant Energy a Midwest energy delivery company the general rule of thumb holds that spaces require Remember that one BHP equals 33475 British thermal units

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Combi boilers on average are available in a range of sizes from If you consider these are in Small Medium and Large sizes it is easy to relate to the size home they fit best It is relatively simple to think in terms of kW

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· The following regular models are highly by professional heating engineers and homeowners available in a range of to suit most of home: Baxi 400 Heat Ideal Logic Heat Vaillant ecoTEC plus Regular Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Open Vent Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Life

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· The exact same home in those two places will require different Sizing steam Sizing steam is completed differently The nature of steam and steam itself means that the must be sized for the volume of radiation in the home

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The tables are in order and closely are grouped together for example 24-26kW If the sizing table recommends a 24kW for example then all the in the group of 24-26kW are applicable 12-13kW 15-17kW boilers

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As a ball-park estimate youll need the following power outputs for the number of radiators for a combi boiler: 10 radiators: kW 10 to 15 radiators: 2834 kW 15 to 20 radiators: 3240 kW Up to 10 radiators: 1215 kW 10 to 15 radiators: 1824 kW 15 to 20 radiators: 3040 kW

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· As an example if you have a house in a moderate climate you need a boiler that can produce approximately 70000 BTUs Use this handy BTU calculator to

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