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of Unlike fire most of the systems can not be manufactured in packaged form Hence their installation procedure at the job site tends to be comparatively difficult and time consuming The installation and initial cost of these boiler systems happens to be very high

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· There are some disadvantages of Water boiler: The Design is complex in the For operation a skilled operator is required The maintenance cost is high The cost of a is high for the same power output As we studied it is used in large power plants therefore it is

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Not suitable for ordinary water: Water tube boilers require relatively because impure feed water forms scale inside the water tubes consequently there will t overheating and bursting of the water tubes 2 Not suitable for mobile application: Water tube boilers are not suited for mobile purposes 3 High initial cost and hence not economical: The initial cost of the water tube boiler' more than that of

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· Working Principle Advantage and of a

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· 1 and 2 A skilled operator is required for

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Disadvantages of water-tube boilers: They are The option of multiple burners may give flexibility but the 30 or more burners used in power stations means that

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