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· are the preferred option in for: Delivering building heating Providing consistent for sterilization processes Domestic hot water for health care facility use laundry requirements

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are an essential part of and the provided by these is utilized in a variety of applications including equipment sterilization hot water heating and heating buildings fire tube usually used in Use of in represent one of a largest facilities-related capital expenditures They are costly to purchase and expensive to

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· How Are Used in Building Heat The most obvious use of boilers in any building including is typically heating for the Humidification In keeping a comfortable temperature is important but maintaining the right level of Sterilization

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Hospitals As the world leader in ultra-low NOx modular on-demand steam solutions Miura modular boilers are reliable safe and highly adaptive to the fluctuating steam demands of and other medical facilities Many around the globe choose our EX Series Dual Fuel that quickly and easily switches between #2 oil and natural gas/propane when fuel curtailing is a reality

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Most will use This is because theyre highly efficient and can heat a building relatively quickly without relying on gravity But how does a produce? Firstly cold water enters the system from the mains supply The water is treated to remove any dirt and debris and then fed into a deaerator that removes air

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