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· Parts of #1 Shell This is the outermost cover of the Other parts of the are present inside this shell #2 Super Heater These Superheaters are used to heat the steam to a much higher desired temperature before entering the #3 Fire Tubes Hot gases

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· Main Parts or Construction: Grates: The grate is made up of a set of parallel bars at the bottom of the fire-box which hold the fuel it is made Ash Pans: Ash pans are suspended beneath the fire-box for the purpose of catching

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A is a device that is used to create steam from water by using heat energy This is a horizontal drum axis multi-tubular natural circulation artificial draft forced circulation medium pressure solid fuel fired fire tube that has an internal fire furnace What is the function of the?

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A is a device used on a steam and is a cylindrical vessel for holding and heating up water designs have been different over the years the most significant improvement in design was the superheater header system introduced in around 1900 Steam have been know to be referred to as themselves

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· A locomotive boiler is a steel shell containing water which is converted into steam by the heat of the fire in the firebox to furnish energy to move the It is a horizontal multi-tubular internally fired natural circulation boiler

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Construction and Working Principle of Construction of Boiler: A has several components First of all its a shell or barrel Working of Boiler: The uses solid fuel like coal At first the solid fuel is inserted on

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