types gases from boiler Agent using furnace oil

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When heating the most efficient are newer condensing models Less heat escapes to the outside Instead of immediately venting hot exhaust these cool first Therefore water vapor condenses and exhaust travels outside through a plastic pipe in the sidewall are another of heater

What Are The Different Types of Boilers

· The natural will feed to the to keep the pilot lit which will warm up the coils The coils will then supply the heat to the water in the tank before being transferred through your home's pipes are more often found in rural areas or areas where the access to natural is more limited

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Combustion of natural gas produces mainly and water which do not cause serious pollution problems to the surrounding environment Natural gas causes the least pollution as opposed to other fossil fuels and has a high calorific value 1 ton of natural gas

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Being a atomisation is not an issue and proper mixing of with the appropriate amount of air is all that is required for combustion Two of burner are in Low pressure and High pressure Low pressure burner These operate at low pressure usually between 25 and 10 mbar

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