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The overall economics of the thermic fluid heater will depend upon the specific application and reference basis fired thermic fluid heaters with a thermal efficiency range of 55-65 percent may compare favorably with most boilers Incorporation of heat recovery devices in the flue gas path enhances the thermal efficiency levels further

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Coal fired with a range of 55-65 percent for the calculation of boiler by direct method are: Quantity of Comparision between Boiler & As per him is cheaper in longer run compare to

Thermal Energy Equipment: Boilers & Thermic Fluid Heaters

In systems is preferred for de-aeration because: is essentially free from O2 and CO2 is readily available adds the heat required to complete the reaction Energy Efficiency Guide for Industry in Asia ©UNEP 23 Thermal Energy Equipment: & Chemical de-aeration While the most efficient mechanical

Steam is preferable to thermic fluid as heating media

For applications less than 200 o C is preferable to as media Of all media has the highest content To go by numbers 1 kg of has around 540 Kcal of content while 1 kg of (high temperature oils) has around 20 Kcal of content This implies that for every 1 kg of you need 27 kg of to deliver the same

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