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Sulfur Recovery Unit - Burners SRU FCC Heat Exchanger

· The process gas from the primary condenser is heated up to 260-290 by the of the gas and comes into the primary reactor where the is produced by the further reaction Process gas in this step is cooled down to 130 in the second condenser where the is cooled and separated flowing to the sulfur pool

SRU Boilers & Condensers - Principal Technology

and As an integral part of the sulfur recovery process Principal Technlogy utilizes years of experience to provide detailed design expertise for and Depending on the throughput we can optimize the design to

Design of SRU Thermal Reactor and Waste Heat Boiler

· The first section of units (SRU) based on Claus process is constituted of a burner a thermal reactor and a and it is designed to oxidize acid gases by air

SRU - Incinerator BurnerIncinerator Chamberand Waste

For the challenging requirements of the () Calderys has a complete range of CO resistant materials and engineering designs For this section Calderys provides special refractory technical solutions for restriction ring tube sheets as well as precast burner blocks with high thermal shock resistance

Sulfur Recovery Unit | Tail Gas Incinerators

The process typically occurs between 1200-1600°F (650-870°C) in the presence of excess oxygen with a residence time between 07 and 20 seconds The relatively must be carefully mixed with the flue gas products to achieve satisfactory oxidation of the compounds without destabilizing the burner flame

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