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exchanger effectiveness is specific thermal efficiency which is converted to energy from the fire side to the water side In addition thermal efficiency is seriously affected by soot formation/scale formation on the tubes 35363 and direct efficiency

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The CO2 reacts with CaO to calcium carbonate (CaCO3) in a carbonator The CaCO3 is then sent to another reactor a calciner where the CaCO3 is calcined CaO (which is returned to

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There are various methods for industrial such as direct or systems is generated directly within a material by passing electric current through it or by causing controlled exothermic reactions or by exciting atoms or molecules inside the material by electromagnetic radiation (eg microwaves) In systems energy is transferred to materials from sources by

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method method determines the efficiency of a by the sum of the major losses and by the fuel power of the boiler: losses =1 (15) input where losses is the sum of the major losses within the and input is the fuel power of the The method provides a better understanding of the effect of individual losses on the efficiency

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