horizontal multistage steam boiler Agent diagram

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The hot gases passing through the tubes give their heat to the water and in doing so convert water into which gets accumulated in the space Design of Babcock Wilcox : It is a water tube It mainly consists of 3 parts: (i) A and Water Drum: This is the main part of the Babcock Wilcox

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The above is showing the parts which are mandatory for the design and operation of Hence each part plays important role and everyone interested to know more about can learn from this page in the last section Lets first see some basic information about

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This trap is therefore acting mostly as a cooler wasting from the Main Note the nice insulation job however; this is probably keeping the problem from being much worse Condensate should always be drained from the BOTTOM of the line in low sections of pipe and at changes in direction such as a 90 Degree turn

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