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What are boiler efficiency and boiler evaporation ratio

example quantity of steam Is 310 ton/hr and fuel is 55 ton/hr then the evaporation ratio is 563 Evaporation ratio is also known as steam fuel ratioA drop in evaporation ratio indicates drop in boiler efficiencyBoiler evaporation ratio depends on fuel quality

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To establish the actual evaporation by mass it is first necessary to know the temperature of the feedwater and the pressure of the steam produced in order to establish how much energy is added to each kg of water Equation can then be used to calculate the steam output: Example 352

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· h f1 = Specific enthalpy of water at a given feed temperature Then heat gained by the from the boiler per unit time = m a x (h h f1) The equivalent evaporation (m e) from the definition is obtained as: The evaporation rate of the boiler is also sometimes given in terms of kg of

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· of Btu/pound T = water temperature difference from tower top to tower bottom in °F c p = specific heat of water = 1 Btu/pound/°F Windage losses (W) in the absence of manufacturer's data may be assumed to be: W = 03 to 10 percent of C for a natural draft cooling tower

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Factor of Evaporation Water enters the boiler at 225°F The boiler pressure is 100 psi and the boiler water temperature is 338°F The latent heat is 881 Btu What is the factor of evaporation? FE = SH + LH / 9703

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The percentage of boiler blowdown is as follows: quantity blowdown water quantity feedwater The blowdown can range from less than 1% when an extremely high-quality feedwater is available to greater than 20% in a critical system with poor-quality feedwater

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